Has Lunacy Set In?

Hello Friends,

Thanks for joining me once again for my newsletter - it's already a quarter to April and the beginning of Spring!

What’s on my mind

“May you live in interesting times” so the saying goes.

Having recently had some very ‘interesting’ times, including norovirus, being hacked and having to cancel all my bank cards, then having someone crash into our car and it being written off, my mind is firmly on wishing for boring, uneventful days ahead!


What’s on my easel

My easels have been taken over by all things lunar at the moment. I have decided to paint 13 paintings for next years exhibition in Haverfordwest with the Breakout Gallery.  I have about 12 months to paint them all, and they will each feature a different moon of the year. I’m currently painting the moon usually associated with April, which is the Pink Moon. There will be the Frost Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Harvest Moon, and I’ll even be painting a Blue Moon to complete the set. It’s definitely going to be a challenge getting them done in time, especially as they are 2ft by 2ft square! I’m looking forward to sharing them with you all as I paint them and finding out what your favourite is.



Quarterly Questions

I don’t have any quarterly questions this newsletter, but I did recently answer some questions about my series of Kintsugi ladies - including what size they are. To get an idea of the scale of them, and find out a little more about the pottery inspiration behind each one, check out the video I made for International Women’s Day on Facebook or Instagram

 the video I made for International Women’s Day on Facebook or Instagram

And finally

Wishing you all a happy, safe and ordinary time ahead!


23rd March, 2023

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