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Gemma Beynon



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art“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places”
(Earnest Hemmingway)

Faith is part of the 'Overcome' series - a collection of paintings of strong women that are made of china, broken and mended in the Kintsugi style. This past year has been tough on everyone and has challenged and broken us all in different ways. My paintings are a celebration of our strength and resilience – the philosophy behind the kintsugi practice recognises and heals the broken parts of us with beautiful gold, making us stronger than ever where the former cracks were. My paintings explore how these traumas make us who we are, and how our scars are part of our story. We can be beautiful and strong because of our experiences, not despite them. I want to inspire people to realise and accept that - you may feel broken at times, you are still loved, you can still be strong, you are worth mending.

Acrylic and gold leaf

2ft by 2ft painting on 9mm thick plywood with a 2inch black frame, suitable for indoor display & will last for around 2 year’s outside, much longer if in a sheltered position, the artwork is varnished & robust.

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